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Inuit snowgoggles

Inuit snowgoggles
Inuit snowgoggles
Inuit snowgoggles
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Wearing sunglasses is not only a way to look good, to be on fashion, or to hide your face from other curious, sunglasses are a very important accessory especially for the health of your eyes and vision. I guess everybody knows that UV rays are so strong and can cause important damages to your vision, this is why sunglasses should be part of our life.
It is known that even people from poor regions, where modern technology is not known yet, use special snow goggles to protect their eyes. An example are the Eskimo, people who live in harsh conditions, enduring cold weather, snow and ice. They use a sort of goggles to protect from ice and snow light, which can cause big damages to your retina.
This goggles are made from wood, bones or ivory and they are especially designed with a small slit to prevent strong light cause snow blindness.
It is very interesting to see how people managed to fight uv light even without Miami Eye Doctors.

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How bizarre or how cool?

Mickey Mouse contact lenses
Christion Dior contact lenses
Cat (snake) eye contact lenses
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Hello my friends! Today I want to share with you something special. You might say this could be funny, weird or something really awesome and cool. Maybe you heard or see or maybe not about the most weird and funny contact lenses. Some of you who want to be different and be n the spotlight might find this so cool, for others could be something outrageous and stupid, why not, but this depends on each one point of view.

If you go to a funny evening with your partner or an anniversary or a party with a theme or why not on Halloween party you can opt for these kind of contact lenses.

The offer is varied and you can choose from many different models and colors, some more bizarre than others. Either you choose contact lenses that mimic animals or want to show you passion for a sport, Swarovski crystals or a famous brand, the offer is very rich, so you have where to choose something that represents you.

Here are some examples of the most bizarre contact lenses:
- Mickey Mouse
- Christian Dior, created by famous designer John Galliano, with iris shaped with a black or gold circle
- cat eyes (or snake)
- red contact lenses, specially designed for cyclists to protect their eyes from the sun
- 'Sparkle', created by Indian designer Anthony Mailler, gives a bizarre eye shine due Swarovski crystals around the edges of tiny lenses
- soccer ball, created by German optician Stephanie Brendt in Munich
- contact lens with attached jeweleries, flower or crystal form, with very thin wires attached to lenses, miniature jewels hanging on your face
- Hello Kitty
- smiley face
- printed electronic circuit and lights, created by scientists at the University of Washington, lenses have been tested so far, only on rabbits
- zebra
- eye of the dragon or lizard, with hand painted scales
The list is long, there are so many models but this are more popular.

Now I can't tell how safe are these contact lenses, especially those with crystals and I never tried them, so I can't assure you they are good for the health of your eyes and vision. You can ask the opinion of an Miami eye doctor, he is the indicated person who can give you a proper eye care solution.

So whatever you choose, have fun and take care of your eyes and vision

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Contact lenses vs eyeglasses

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Many people in the last years have replaced glasses with contact lenses, but really worth it? To be able to decide on this issue will bring to the fore some important issues to be taken into account.

Many people change to contact lenses as they find cheaper and more economic when you want to replace them. If you have an active life well contact lenses are for you. Most people involved in sports prefer contact lenses and that for obvious reasons.

Contact lenses are less dangerous and many sporting organizations will not allow access, if you wear eyeglasses. Many parents opt for lenses to ensure children safety. Kids are more active and wearing contact lenses will have less concern if the child will fall, as usually happens, there will not be so many risks of injury.

Another advantage of contact lenses is that you can change the color of your eyes.
In the last years we have seen a trend developing in colored lenses. Many people who do not even need it they buy contact lenses for reasons directly related to fashion and trends.They are not so expensive and is a fun way to see how you would look with another shade or eye color.

Many people imagine that they are difficult to use, install and expensive. If you wear contact lenses for the first time, the Miami eye doctor should be the tho one who will put them and he will demonstrate you how easy and fast to use. All I can say is that it really takes a few days to get used to them. Your pupils will need a little time to adjust, but once this is done you will no longer think of coming back to glasses.

Research has shown that over 80% of users use thin lenses. Your eye doctor will advise which is the best. You should make a first test, which is different from that of spectacles.

Cleaning the lens is very important, always clean your lenses. Unlike glasses, contacts are inserted over the pupil and cleaning prevent the risk of infection. Cleaning solutions are cheap and easily found.

People suffering of astigmatism may use contact lenses. Convex contact lenses are used by people with astigmatism. Unlike the majority of contact lenses, they remain stationary and do not twist in the eye. They may cost a little more, but are more comfortable than the standard. And there's also the color version.

Bifocal contact lenses are used to help against disease called presbyopia. This is a common condition suffered by many people. The symptom for this disease is when you want to read something and you tend to keep the newspaper on distance so you can see more clear.

Bifocal lenses work on the same principle as bifocal eyeglasses. They have dual function and help cure presbyopia depending on disease severity. The lenses operate to correct distance vision and close vision. And they come in different colors.

Bestsellers lenses are those that are found within everyone's reach, available anytime, which change very often. Disposable kind of lens used. Many ophthalmologists prefer to prescribe these. The main reason is the decreased risk of infection. They are generally cheap and are available in packs. They change every two weeks or less. You still need to clean even if they change regularly.

The cheapest place where you can buy this lens is the Internet. But is recommended that you consult a specialist and the first signs that bothers you you should consult a doctor immediately, he is the only person who can give the right eye care solution

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What type of glasses do you wear?

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Most of us choose a pair of glasses depending on how fit our face. In general, glasses frames must have the opposite shape of your face.
For example oval face is the most convenient: and match all kinds of spectacle frames, depending on other features of the face.
Round face: for this type of face fit square glasses or rectangular frames which will elongate the face and will draw attention to the upper face. For people with wider front, thin-framed glasses are suitable and for a more delicate figure, you can can wear thicker frames. However, glasses should be chosen so that when we laugh, do not lift frames with cheeks.
Square face: the type of figure with prominent cheekbones and jaw, which fits eyeglasses with round or oval frames to soften features and draw attention to the forehead and cheeks. Type of glasses "Aviator" or "rider" is most suitable to make the nose smaller.
Heart shaped face: such face traits are easily recognized : cheeks and forehead more prominent, and jaw and chin easily pronounced, like a triangle pointing down. Best spectacle frames are delicate, thin and simple.
Diamond-shaped face is rare, like a triangle pointing up. In order not to exacerbate jaw line, spectacle frames are indicated to be with a thicker top, with arms raised to the forehead.
Choosing glasses should be made taking into account the color of eyes and hair to be in full harmony. Thus, blue or green-eyed blonds can choose frame-less glasses with arms mounted directly on the lens, with thin metal frames in pastel colors, light. Brown hair with hazel eyes may opt for anti-glare lenses, which suits well with shades of brown hair and eyes. Those with green eyes, should choose frames in warm colors or brown.

Brunettes should avoid eyeglasses with thick black frames, they just tighten the figure. In exchange, they can choose gold, silver or gray metallic frames.
When choosing glasses is well to consider more what do justice to you than what is in vogue at that season, especially if you must wear glasses permanently.Ask your Miami eye doctor what shape will be best suited for you.


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